Saturday, September 27, 2008

Please, Wish Me Luck!

I am sitting for the LSAT (Law School Admission Test) on the 4th of October and will be studying (or panicking) until then. I'll be back with nothing but beauty on my mind thereafter! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed and a paper bag handy for now.

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Anastasia said...

Oh, sweetheart! Best of luck, but I have every confidence that you'll do fine. It's clear that you're an intelligent, capable woman.

I know you can do it!

Vanessa said...

hahaha I love tha PANIC button, I tend to hit that a lot! LOL.

I am 5'6", tall for an Asian gal.. yeah everyone says I look tiny in my pics haha I guess it's cuz I am a bit slender and only take pics of my face for the most part...when we had the blogger pow wow all the girls were wearing heels and I was the same height as them! LOL.

In this pic you can get an idea, I am almost as tall as the guy!


Stephanie said...

i am here to wish you super-good luck! i know you can do it, so don't psych yourself out too much about it beforehand.

i've told you before about how scared i am of driving, right? well, today i drove. for like an hour and a half. so if i can drive, you can kick this LSAT's ass.


Happy Me said...

Good luck girl!! You will do just fine!