Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rimmel Eye Twist for Shadestick Users

MAC Shadesticks are generally used as an eyeshadow base or to create an all-over wash of shadow in a hurry. If you are looking for a less expensive alternative or have eyelids that are too oily for Shadestick, give Rimmel's Eye Twist a shot! There is a creamy eyeshadow on one side and a matching eyeliner on the other for only a fraction of the Shadestick price; Eye Twist retails for approximately $4 in drugstores. The cream shadow applies easily without pressure, dries to a shimmery, powder finish and managed to stay crease-free on my oily eyelids all day long (without a primer underneath). Unfortunately, the eyeliner side has not seen much action because it is too thick to draw a precise line. I have tried the NYX Jumbo Pencils and found that they crease without a base whereas the Rimmel Eye Twist does not. The color I own is Double Trouble: A peachy, champagne shadow on one side and a dark, coffee brown eyeliner on the other.

Image Credit: Rimmel (the color featured is Two's Company).


Anastasia said...

I like MAC shadesticks in principle, but they're too hard for me to apply. Even if I endure the wrenching-my-eyelid-into-odd-shapes-and-probably-damaging-my-retina sensation, it still never comes on in any practically convenient way.

Are these softer, or do they, too, require sitting on for half an hour first?

A Gal On A Budget said...

These are very soft. I didn't have to do anything other than apply and the result was a creamy wash of color. Try as a I may, I really can't think of anything negative to say aside for the fact that some may not like the shimmery finish. And it may be difficult to achieve a precise application (without a brush) for those with little lid space but this would be the case with MAC Shadestick as well.

Panacea81 (on Youtube) recommends warming Shadesticks in the palm of your hand (rubbing them with both palms as if trying to start a fire) prior to application. She says it helps warm the mixture to make it less solid/difficult to apply. If you already own the darn things, you might as well get the most out of them ;).

Anastasia said...

I've tried the fire-stick method, along with the rubbing-like-a-maniac method and the sitting-on-it-until-it-hurts-surely-it-has-to-be-warm-now method. Nothing seems to work! Perhaps I have abnormally sensitive eyelids >:

However, I do love shimmery finishes (hides bad blending, unlike matte!) so will be scouring the interwebs for these <3!

A Gal On A Budget said...

Hehe you said "interwebs" =P. That's cute. Have you tried other options in the MAC range (i.e. Paints, Paint Pots)? If you own Fluidlines, they make for a great base as well. You could try to substitute something like Blitz & Glitz (applied lightly) in lieu of Sharkskin. I wouldn't purchase Fluidline for this purpose but if you already own 'em, you could give it a go.

Anastasia said...

Tons of pigments, eyeshadows, brushes, and one paint pot. The paint pot is bright blue, though (Rollickin' from Fafi) and so not that versatile.

It's not such a shame about my shadestick, it's Lucky Jade which is an exact match for Beauty From The Earth's everyday mineral in Shamrock, which I also own. I just hate wasting money, maybe I'll stick the stupid thing in the microwave.