Friday, September 12, 2008

Any Los Angeles Locals Looking for MAC Emote?

I have been studying like a good girl *cough* so my wonderful fiancé rewarded me with a trip to the Camarillo Outlets. He even stayed with me the entire time I tested one product after another at the Cosmetic Company Outlet store, how lucky am I? Thanks sweetie, you are far too good to me.

I will not list the items that I purchased for fear of boring you but if you have been looking for the discontinued MAC Emote blush, jump in your car as quickly as you can and head to the Camarillo Outlet's Cosmetic Company Outlet store! I also spotted, and purchased, a Sculpt and Shape duo. Good luck and happy hunting!


Stephanie said...

the CCO in vacaville had it too, along with tons of sweet sienna pigment (my favorite.)

what did you buy?


Anastasia said...

Evil woman! I'm DYING for the Sculpt & Shape duo! D:!!

A Gal On A Budget said...

Stephanie: I want Sweet Sienna but Vacaville is probably significantly farther than DF is willing to go =/. Along with the Sculpt and Shape, I got Girl Friendly Paint Pot and Haunting Fluidline. I take it you are the proud owner of a bouncing baby Sienna Pigment ;)?

Anastasia: Sculpt and Shape is good but definitely not worthy of ending one's life for. It's essentially just Emote blush along with a peachy pink highlighter.

I find that contouring is less about what you use and more about knowing how to do it. A good angled brush can help though.

Stephanie said...

i got sweet sienna there ages ago. it's probably the most perfect pigment ever, along w/ old gold and lily white. *snuggles*

if i go back soon i will holla at you.

A Gal On A Budget said...

Steph: I'm surprised to hear such glowing reviews of Old Gold! I have a sample and it's definitely not on my Top 5 list, it looks too muddied on me. Generally speaking, I prefer pressed eyeshadow because pigments are too labor intensive.