Monday, September 1, 2008

The Best of Bobs

For better or worse, Victoria Beckham brought the Bob (or "Pob" if referring to the A-line, tapered nape version) back into the fashion spotlight and now it appears as though it's here to stay--at least for another season. The Bob can be a great, low-maintenance hairstyle and save you time and styling products if you pick the right shape for your hair type.

I particularly love the cut (in the images above) on Leigh Lezark because it is the epitome of low-maintenance if you have medium to thick, straight hair. Just ask your stylist for a blunt, shoulder length, angled bob without any layering ; part it on the side and let your hair's natural texture do the rest! If you have a round or heart shaped face, the length and angular construction of the cut will reduce the fullness of your cheeks and create a more balanced look to the face.

The best part is having a unique but trendy style that doesn't look like every other gal's floppy-eared "Pob." And please, don't bother with a round brush since this cut's appeal is in its swingy, I'm-not-trying-too- hard mod shape. Glossy? Professional? Yes, please!

If your hair isn't as glossy as Leigh's, you can use a silicone serum (i.e. Paul Mitchell's Skinny line) to create the illusion of silky shine. As with all silicone products, be sure to clarify once a week to avoid buildup in your hair.

Image Credits: Elle Uk, JAMD

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