Thursday, September 18, 2008

Save on Fall Accessories

Fashion is fickle and so am I, which is why I am not the type to invest in a designer handbag. While I can see the advantage of something that is made of high quality material, I always find them to be too trendy to reuse and too expensive to toss.

Target handbags have been the perfect solution for me because they are made of durable material--I have not torn or broken a single purse despite the fact that I tend to put them on the floor, burden them with weighty objects and just use and abuse 'em to my heart's content. Unfortunately, a great selection is not always a guarantee. Luckily for you, Target has a rather fetching shape for around $23 this season and in all those impractical (but adorable) trendy colors that you'll likely regret investing big bucks on. I prefer the cobalt blue but other available colors include purple, gray, green and black. This Mossimo Hobo Bag is great for those who, like myself, like to carry all of their belongings with them wherever they go.

Want to save even more money? It will likely go on sale in a few months, although there is always a possibility that the color you want will be gone if you wait too long.

The Facts on Mossimo Large Hobo Bag--

Fabrication: Faux Leather, fully lined
Styling: Snap closure and short strap handle
Dimensions: 24x14x1
Availability: Target stores and

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Anastasia said...

Omgosh, green! <3

I'm terrible when it comes to bags. I have no idea about fashion, I love huge, practical messenger bags =S

A Gal On A Budget said...

Messenger bags can be cute but I find them somewhat ungainly. And they create an unbalanced amount of tension in one of my shoulders. I used to wear a messenger bag instead of a backpack in High School for a little while and it was very painful. Don't ask me why but for most part, huge purses are perfectly comfortable for me despite the fact that I'm only 5'2". Another reason I prefer cheaper bags: designer purses are so friggen heavy!

Happy Me said...

Oh I do love this blue bag. I wish I had a target where i live too!