Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hair and History

I knew their was something familiar about Karalyn, one of the models on Bravo's series Project Runway. And now I can finally place where I've seen her ultra chic haircut before: Twiggy! Both cuts are tapered close to the head and wedged in the back. Looking for a pixie cut that's classic? This one is a sure bet! As you can tell, the styling effort required is minimal (on straight hair) since the cut falls into place on its own.

Image Credit: Bravo,


Anastasia said...

I LOVE pixie cuts, they're so adorable. I've always, always wanted to cut my hair short, but my boyfriend won't let me. It's down to my waist =S

A Gal On A Budget said...

Psssh boyfriend, shmoyfriend, it's YOUR hair and you should do with it as you please. That being said, waist long hair is quite a bit to part with so maybe you're better off cutting just a bit at a time. It can be shocking to go from that long to a pixie cut in one session.

Glad to see you and your computer are feeling better!