Monday, March 30, 2009

In Case of Emergency, Bring on the Rogaine

If you’ve exhausted all your other options and still find gaps or “holes” in your eyebrows, Rogaine may be your solution. Please note that the active ingredients in this product, along with potential danger in application (i.e. blindness if you aren’t careful), make Rogaine less than an ideal choice if your goal is rapid results. I trust you to do your own research and weight the benefits and risks prior to purchase. Nevertheless, the results are pretty much a guarantee. I’ve used Rogaine to encourage growth in an area of my eyebrow that never grew brow hair as a result of many years of tweezing and was able to grow a fuller brow in approximately two weeks. If you bleach or dye your eyebrows at home, the application should be easy. Otherwise, here are a few helpful tips:

1. Apply to a clean eyebrow at night as the Rogaine will interfere with any brow products you may choose to use during the day.

2. Pour a small amount of Rogaine into the cap and lightly saturate a cotton swab, spoolie, or a lip brush. I recommend using a disposable applicator or designating one that you will only use for Rogaine application. Be sure to avoid over-saturating so as to reduce the risk of the liquid dripping into your eye.

3. Apply to the desired area a little bit at a time and tilt your head back slightly. You may also want to close the eye below the chosen eyebrow as a precaution.

4. Be sure to apply only where you’d like to grow hair because you will grow hair in any area that the product touches. I accidentally dripped some Rogaine down the side of my cheek and got some “baby hairs” even though I washed and scrubbed after the accident took place.

5. Please don’t use this on your eyelashes!

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Friday, March 27, 2009

The Brow Epic Continues

This post is for those among us who, like myself, have plucked and failed. Despite of your best efforts, your brows remain an unmitigated disaster (at least for the next two months). Meanwhile, here are some of my favorite products to disguise your poor spermies as you wait for them to grow back to normal.

1. Physician’s Formula Brow Definer in Black-Brown:

My primary issue with most brow pencils and waxes is their tendency to oxidize into a very warm orange color. Although I have a warmer skin tone, my eyebrows are a neutral black brown. The other problem tends to be in the color choices: either the product is too light or so dark that it turns me into Bert with only a couple of swipes. The Physician’s Formula Brow Definer is my current favorite. A thin, waxy led allows me to apply in small hair-like strokes and the pigmentation is sheer enough to look natural with even a dark color such as Black-Brown. And the best part is that the wax stays put and grooms your brows as you shade. The convenient brush on the cap is helpful in distributing the product for a natural, blended look.

2. MAC 208 Brush:

I use my 208 with brow powders or pencils for a more precise application or to feather and blend an otherwise harsh brow. This brush is quite stiff and can easily serve double-duty as an eyeliner brush for gel, cream, and liquid liner.

3. Wet n’ Wild Ultimate Brow Kit:

This is another great budget buy. The kit comes with a small angled brush, tweezers, two shades of brow powder, and a brow wax. I purchased “Ash Brown” to avoid the aforementioned oxidization and brassyness. The lighter shade was a lot darker than I anticipated, matching my dark eyebrows perfectly.

4. Covergirl Great Lash Clear Mascara:

Although I have never understood the appeal of Great Lash Mascara, the small wand and reasonable price tag make it the perfect brow gel. Sometimes a little clear gel is all it takes to make an average eyebrow look amazing. Just use the gel to brush the inner 1/3 of your eyebrow (the part closest to your nose) up and groom the rest of the eyebrow into the direction the hair naturally grows. Even though the product is clear, your brows will look slightly darker.

5. Wet n’ Wild Kohl Brow-Eyeliner in Mink Brown #649:

Wet n’ Wild scores another point with this soft, inexpensive pencil. I tried the same pencil in Taupe and while it would be great for blondes and those with lighter brows, it just didn’t work for me. However, I do have to use a brush to apply this color or else risk the Groucho Marx effect. Mink Brown is the perfect color for someone with very dark brown or black eyebrows who is looking for a smooth application.