Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Elusive "Casablanca"

NARS Casablanca, that is. And I am riddled with guilt over having purchased my most expensive lipstick to date. I swear, I only approached the NARS counter with the intent to get a glimpse of the lipstick I have been unable to find at any Sephora (or anywhere else for that matter). It all started with the Coral Lips excerpt in the March 2008 issue of People Stylewatch magazine and I've been trying to find the exact shade that Leighton Meester is wearing ever since. I've tried all of the lipsticks recommended in the article and believe me, it is none of those. Boots No. 7 in "Sienna" comes fairly close, at least on my pigmented lips.

Unfortunately, NARS Casablanca isn't it either but it sure is gorgeous. On me, it is a very subdued coral-red. It would be appropriate for any occasion and gives my lips a my-lips-but-better dose of pigment. Although it can look orange (or even mauve) in the tube, depending on the lighting, it truly is just as Sephora describes it: Classic Coral. There is no overbearing orange undertones as tends to be the case with most corals.

Is it worth $25? I'm not sure. While it is long lasting, I find NARS Casablanca somewhat drying and while the packaging claims the net weight is 3.4 g, it doesn't look like much product (to me) when compared to my MAC lipsticks. Perhaps I just expect more for the extra $10? If you're wondering whether I plan to return it, the answer is no. I hate returning cosmetics and I do love the color but this may be my only treat for a while.

Image Credit: People Stylewatch (March 2008 issue),

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