Friday, September 5, 2008

Save On China Glaze With Coupon!

I'm feeling a little down in the dumps today so I will keep this entry short and sweet. I received this coupon in an e-mail and decided to share it with all of my (2) readers. It's a pretty great deal considering the fact that China Glaze already retails for only $3.25 (with a Sally's Card). If you have yet to try the China Glaze line this is the perfect excuse. I will be buying one of the vampy shades from the Rodeo Diva collection to match my dark mood.

Coupon Source: Sally Beauty Supply


Anastasia said...

Ooh, do I count? Sadly, I'm in the UK and so cannot utilise such a coupon, but I appreciate the gesture, nonetheless!

Cheer up, you're the most literate person on eBlogger. <3

A Gal On A Budget said...

Yes, you are definitely one of the two! My fiance is the other and he doesn't wear nail polish so I guess the gesture was a bit misguided.

I wish they had a Sally's in the UK. But, you get Boots nail polish remover and ArtDeco cosmetics so I think it's a fair trade.

Anastasia said...

We DO have Sally's in the UK! Alas, of course, we don't use dollars, so saving those would do me no good at all. They do sell China Glaze nail polish, too!

I rarely bother doing my nails because I'm absolutely awful at them. Proper nail-arty-people do a zillion very thing coats, I do one impossibly thick and gloopy one that goes horribly wrong.

A Gal On A Budget said...

I'm terrible at doing my nails too. That's why I always use a base coat and a quick drying top coat. My salvation was Orly's Smudge Fixer but I can't locate it in any (physical) stores these days.

You could try to use the coupon anyway ;). You should sign up for e-mail adverts (from Sally's).