Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yes, You Can Get A Great Mascara For Under $10

Jane MaxLash 2 offers twice the mascara, a Colored Mascara as well as a regular, Black Mascara for approximately $5. The somewhat chubby wand ensures that each lash is coated without the dreaded tarantula lashes; I always wipe off excess on a sponge or paper towel prior to application just in case.

Unlike some mascaras, the Colored side of Jane MaxLash 2 actually delivers a visible amount of color (with or without applying the Black side first to prime). My favorite colors are Deep Ocean (pictured here) and Aubergine as both make my green eyes stand out. If you guessed that Deep Ocean is a deep, royal blue, you are correct. Aubergine is a red-based burgundy hue; it may not be the best color for those with allergic tendencies or visible red veins in their eyes. Available shades also include: Black and Brown to Black, for the color shy.

Jane was my favorite brand for affordable Colored Mascara long before I had discovered that the Black side was equally great. I happened to try the Black side on a lark when I'd had just about all I could stand of my Almay One Coat Triple Effect. I figured that anything had to be better than having to comb out the mess it left on my lashes every morning and the raccoon effect I came home to every evening. Sure enough, Jane MaxLash was not only better, it was great! While this mascara is available in most drugstores where the Jane line is sold, I have noted that not all of the shades are equally available at all locations.

This is only one of my favorites, be on the lookout for more mascara reviews to come!

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Stargirl said...

Oh! I just found this mascara and I was SHOCKED at how well it works! I LOVE IT! I couldn't believe it!

Stargirl said...

Oooh sorry it took me forever to reply! I saved the email which notified me and promptly forgot! Oops! I'm bad about that. I actually do not have one of the colored ones. I have it with a primer, which works really quite well! I got mine from Rite Aid. Makes my lashes fat and lovely. I'd love to check out one of the colored ones though. I lurve colored mascaras!