Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Wet n' Wild At Your Local Drugstore!

Wet n' Wild fans, specifically those who missed out on their favorite quad from the previous I-Sparkle collection, are in for a treat! A new I-Sparkle collection called Starstruck is currently available at your local drugstores. Said collection features rich, autumnal colors and consists of three eyeshadow quads, two eyeliners (black and grey) and an I-Sparkle mascara. I purchased the Celestial Realm quad (pictured below); due to sub par camera quality, the swatches reflect only a rudimentary idea of the eyeshadow colors but none of the shiny finish nor pigmentation. Celestial Realm is an earthy palette of dark golden brown, warm olive green, copper and light mustard yellow, all infused with a gold micro glitter. I find these to be more shimmery than the last collection of quads after comparing my newest purchase with the Starlight I-Sparkle palette I bought this summer. The other two color schemes are both somewhat cool-toned: one is shades of berry and pink and the other plums and gunmetal with a pearly white "background." I'm easily swayed by cute packaging so I appreciate the fact that the flower design is three dimensional and an integral part of the eyeshadow rather than an overlay.


Anastasia said...

Those look gorgeous! I love it when companies go the extra mile to make a product look as good as it performs. I'd be afraid to use it, though =S

A Gal On A Budget said...

Why would you be afraid to use it? It's quite sturdy and the design is part of the actual product so it doesn't fade or disappear with use.

JennBee said...

I'm glad they brought these back - even though the two cool-toned ones look like re-releases; I can't be sure without seeing them up-close though. I was excited to see these in the store the other day. :)

A Gal On A Budget said...

Jennbee: I don't believe the other two are re-releases although they do appear to be variations on the previous collection. I purchased the pink/orange palette (Starlight) from the last collection and it is lighter, warmer and more pastel than the pink/plum palette from this collection.

The background hue in Starlight is a baby pastel pink, the flower has a deep brown center and orange petals with a champagne color in the right corner. As you can see, the pink/plum palette in this collection has a burgundy background, brown center, pink petals and baby pink flower in the corner. I think the similarity in color schemes does make them look like re-promotes if you do not own the previously released palettes.

E-mail me if you'd like to see pictures of Starlight to compare =). I don't want to do another post on these but I'd gladly send you a picture for reference.