Monday, September 8, 2008

Short, Punky Hair Styles

I saw these cool, punky cuts on BellaSugar and couldn't resist singing their (and Bella's) praises. I think I love Natasha Bedinfield's most of all! I could never muster enough courage to pull it off, although I've had cuts similar to Pink's and Rihanna's; the asymmetry would be too difficult to grow out but I love it nonetheless.

I'm so thrilled to see celebrities doing something other than the same old long layers or Bobs! And while I love Rihanna's makeup in this picture, I think I prefer her usual hairstyle to the faux hawk--just being honest. Can you tell that I'm a short hair aficionado?

Short hair is a breeze to style with the proper products and saves a lot of time (wink, wink, this is me tying it into the blog theme) in the morning. It's important to consider your hair's texture in deciding what type of cut and how short you'd like to go. If your hair is very thick or very curly, it needs the weight of its own length to prevent it from sticking up. You can still have a (punky) pixie cut but you may want to keep it at a minimum of 3 inches or so if you wish to avoid spikes or a 'fro.

So, what's the verdict? Is Fall going to be a back to punk/return to the 80's season? I know some of you are hoping that leggings don't return. How about the leather variety?

Image Source: Teamsugar/BellaSugar


Anastasia said...

I know very choppy bobs (closely cropped to the neck) and a-symmetric fringes were in, now I think long-hair is making a come-back in Autumn. Long hair usually does, something about redheads with ringlets stood near turning-foliage or something.

I can't wait for the leaves to turn, I love autumn, it matches my hair :3

I've always secretly longed for incredibly dramatic, sharp short hair, but shorter locks would make my chubby face look too round >:

A Gal On A Budget said...

You do not have a chubby face, silly. Have you seen the new pics of Posh? She's got a pixie cut now. If the last trend she spawned is any indication, I'm going to have to disagree with you about long hair making a comeback for Fall.