Monday, September 8, 2008

Freckles, Freckles Everywhere!

When I was a little girl, my mom told me that my freckles were a sign that the sun loved me and I've had a fondness for the little golden specks on my face ever since. Some attribute freckling to sun damage and signs of aging while others argue that they are genetic; whatever the case, I urge you all to embrace the freckles on your face! As India Aire said "Every freckle on my face is where it's supposed to be."

Reasons to Love and Ways to Enhance Your Freckles:

1. They really do add character to your face (and not in a negative sense the way a big nose does---trust me, I have one of those as well). A lot of famous people (like Lindsay Lohan) are distinguished from other equally famous starlets by the uniqueness of features such as red hair and freckles. Admit it, you too preferred L.L. as a freckle-faced redhead.

2. No matter how sick or pale you may be, the freckles will keep you from looking ghost-like and washed out.

3. Freckles give your face a healthy, golden glow without the need for bronzer or self-tanner but a little bit of bronzer (for contouring) can turn a freckled face into a natural looking tan without the use of tanning beds or even leaving the house.

4. Bronzers and self-tanners tend to look less fake on a face with some natural pigmentation (i.e. freckles).

5. If you love your freckles the way I do, try using a makeup palette of bronze, golden or tan tones. This will enhance all the subtle tonality in your skin and create the illusion that your cosmetics were designed especially for you.

6. Golden, copper and true red tones in your hair color will increase the visibility of your freckles.

If You Stand Unconvinced and Still Loathe Your Freckles:

1. Any blue or violet tones in your hair color (by virtue of being complimentary) will decrease the appearance of freckles on your face. Note how the dark (ash) brown hair color makes Lindsay Lohan's freckles less visible despite the fact that she's wearing bronzer.

2. Avoid wearing warm, terracotta and peachy tones on your face as they may increase the overall warmth of your skin tone and freckles.

3. Use a primer or finishing powder designed to correct yellow tones but don't buy a shade of foundation with cool undertones (for the purpose of concealing freckles) as this may look fake on your skin.

4. Wear sunscreen to avoid getting more freckles!

5. Draw attention to the non-freckled features of your face like your eyes or lips.

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Vanessa said...

I have tiny freckles on my nose which end up getting concealed when I apply my foundation but I love them! I agree they do add some character, and you don't see too many Asian gals with freckles!

Anyway to answer your question on my FOTD post, I applied Myth first to neutralize my lip color, then I applied the "honeymoon" lipstick, my new favorite combo!

A Gal On A Budget said...

Your freckles must be hella cute; just a little secret between your boyfriend and yourself (on days you wear foundation), right?

I don't have Honeymoon but I think I'll experiment with Myth underneath California Dreamin' or Freckletone. Thanks for the tip and responding to my question!

Anastasia said...

I inspired a blog-post, hurrah! Fine fine, I won't hide my freckles, you've convinced me.

I wonder what would happen if I mixed mineral foundation with a non-mineral loose powder foundation? Might get better coverage!

Nessa, I love the MAC Myth lipstick, but I think it's too peachy for me >:

A Gal On A Budget said...


Your are likely one of many women that dislike their freckles. You just reminded me that the issue needed to be addressed =P.