Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gloss, Anyone?

A friend recently mentioned purchasing a gloss from the MAC Cult of Cherry collection when it occurred to me: I hate lip gloss! Strong statement, right? But I've never had what I would call a good experience with gloss. I find them sticky. I hate reapplying them every 3 seconds and quite frankly, I fail to see the point. Most lipsticks are moist and have a glossy finish anyway, right? If you are reading this, won't you be so kind as to educate me? There could be a wonderful, glossy world out there that I'm missing! I used to hate matte eyeshadow but now I'm a matteholic; I'm capable of change.


Anastasia said...

I agree entirely. Lipgloss is the bane of women with long hair everywhere. I've yet to find a single lipgloss that was pigmented enough to do anything but make my lips look unnaturally shiny (why is that supposed to be attractive?) and plastic.

Saying that, however, Clarin's Gloss Appeal lipglosses stay put for hours and are difficult to remove.

A Gal On A Budget said...

I've yet to try anything from Clarins. Perhaps I ought to give it a go. I have very short hair and it still (somehow) manages to stick to my lips when I wear gloss!