Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Save on Blush and Enjoy Great Color Payoff!

When it comes to color payoff, you get what you pay for, right? Not so much! The L'oreal True Match line of blushes delivers a lot of pigment Pow!! for very little cash. The gorgeous specimen to your left is N5-6 "Apricot Kiss." I would describe it as a warm, true peach with a fairly matte finish. While L'oreal's True Match line attempts to divide shades into the neutral, warm and cool categories in order to assist you in your color selection, I find their categorization to be somewhat misleading. A lot of their "neutral" blushes are really warm (like this one)! What can you do? I'm sure they mean well. I have also noticed that the more pigmented blushes tend to have a matte finish whereas the lighter ones are shimmery but the lids on the containers are clear, allowing you to see the color inside.

These usually retail for approximately $10 but are usually on BOGO (buy one, get one free sale) in your local drugstores. Even more reason to try multiple shades, right? Be warned: once you buy one, you will want more (I own 3). And also, be prepared to use a skunk brush to apply the darker, more vibrant shades!

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