Sunday, August 17, 2008

Doin' the Wedge

Any makeup aficionado has used one of these babies to apply liquid foundation but they can be a convenient tool in other steps of your makeup routine. Here are some alternate uses I have found:

Can't get the perfectly-shaped, cat eye look? After applying eyeliner (pencil or liquid/gel--before it dries) to the outer portion of your eye, use one of the sides of the sponge to parallel your eyebrow and (gently) drag the eyeliner up. Voila! This will also create a lifted look to your eyeshadow.

Annoyed with eyeshadow fall out? With one hand, hold a sponge under your eye while applying your shadow. This way, you don't have to deal with powder getting into any under eye lines or creases in to save your under eye area from black eyeshadow.

Gloopy mascara giving you spider lashes? Use the sponge to wipe off any excess before applying. It won't tear or get on your wand the way a tissue will.

Wedge sponges can also be used to blend makeup. The only thing one shouldn't with a wedge sponge is continuously reuse it with properly washing it first. Please not that my tips only work with sponges of this particular shape. A bag can be purchased from at whooping $2.69 for a bag of 32. If you are allergic to latex, these are your best bet. Wedge sponges are readily available in many drug and mass retailer stores!

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