Saturday, August 16, 2008

Brushes on a Budget--Part 1

As the title may imply, I plan to create multiple posts relating to brushes. I am a firm believer that the types of brushes one should own depends not only on budget and the makeup looks you plan to achieve but your specific eye shape (more on this to come). That being said, for those just staring their brush collection or looking to add a does-it-all eyeshadow brush, the Eye Counter brush by Face Secrets (available at is a good choice. This work horse has been in my collection since my unhealthy obsession with makeup began. Originally purchased for being "cute" and "fluffy," this brush has not shed a single hair in the 5+ years I've washed it on a daily basis!

What makes it so versatile? The fluffy base can deliver a sheer wash of color when used in a side-to-side windshield wiper motion or pack on the shadow when pressed into the eyelid. The tapered end creates a precise crease shape without stabbing you in the eye! Bonus! It's soft enough not to damage your sensitive lid area but dense enough to do just about anything you need. And for approximately $5, you can get a pretty decent tool without spending very much. Enjoy!

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