Monday, October 6, 2008

A Very Scary Halloween

Halloween has always been a special time for me as it was the only time of the year I was allowed to wear makeup while growing up. As a result, my costumes would always be pretty instead of scary, but not this year! I plan to show my ambivalence towards society and scare some kiddies by dressing up as a zombie. For the record: I will be a zombie that hobbles, not runs.

I found this great tutorial on Youtube by MikeTheHowToGuy and had to share it with you! Not only is he cute as a button but he is able to create very realistic zombie makeup using inexpensive, readily available items; right up my alley. He even shares his recipe for making fake blood at home! Watch his other videos for solutions to common problems like figuring out how to wash a non-compliant dog to organizing your mess.


Happy Me said...

Did I tell you Mia is going to be a ladybug? hehehhee

A Gal On A Budget said...

You have got to take pictures! That sounds so adorable! Does Luxembourg celebrate Halloween as well or are you just honoring your American roots?