Tuesday, October 21, 2008

NYX Doll Eye Volumizing Mascara, A Strange Affair

Do you ever buy something and love it so much that you buy two when you run out, only to discover you don’t love it that much any more? Well, this is at the crux of my relationship with my once beloved NYX Doll Eye Volumizing Mascara.

I chased her down all over Los Angeles, checking one store after another, until I finally found her at a store in the Citadel Outlet--I think it was Perfumania. Love can be a fickle thing; once I discovered her true nature, my little NYX mascara no longer had the same appeal. She’s the type of girl you would only take out at night, you know, one of those.

I like a full fan of lashes but the NYX Doll Eye Volumizing Mascara is a drama queen in a bad way. She has the tendency to clump and flake off at the end of the day, leaving you broken-hearted with raccoon eyes. The effect is very similar to fake lashes so if you have a mascara comb handy to brush out the clumps and are diligent in checking for and removing any consequent flakes, you may like NYX Doll Eye Mascara for a night out. I don’t remember it being this flaky in the past, perhaps they changed the formula or I got a bad tube?

Alas, I must return to my old, faithful Jane.

Image Credit: NYXcosmetics.com


Vanessa said...

HAHAHHAA actually it's opposite where my dad was very happy with his 3 girls, my MOM was the one that has always wanted a BOY! She was hoping id be a boy, and then she had my sister and it was another girl, so when she was pregnant with Megan, she was praying for a boy, after Megan, she gave up, LOL.

Fabuless Beauty said...

Yes, NYX Doll Eye Volumizing mascara is hard to find. I was tempted to buy this...but maybe not so much anymore.

Vanessa said...

Haha I know! Some family and friends always ask my dad "aww you didn't get your boy, you should try for one" and he always replies "I am happy with my tres marias", and my mom just rolls her eyes wishing she had her boy. :( HAHA. My dad has 4 siblings and 2 of them have boys so I guess he wasn't too worried about "carrying the family name" sorta thing.

But I know that if I have a son, he will be SOOOOo spoiled by grandma!

Vanessa said...

Tres marias is basically a term Spanish people say when there are three girls, like sisters...since there's 3 of us and sadly no brothers, we were just always called the tres marias which was derived from a small Brazilian city:

Refers to three sisters who lived on the right bank of the river. This version talks of a couple who lived on the bank of the river who had triplets, a rare case even today. The story goes that their birth was a topic of subject of much discussion, with its fame spreading throughout the region. They were three beautiful girls all called Maria. But the waterfall where the couple lived with their three daughters began to be called the Waterfall of the Three Marias, which disappeared after the building of the dam. The legend adds that the three Marias died by drowning in the river.

Anastasia said...

I've had really good mascara-luck lately. I bought my old faithful, L'Oreal Telescopic, but also tried the new Bourjois Liner Effect mascara, which I was delighted with, and then got a No 7 360 Lash Mascara on the cover of Eve magazine, full-sized, and was delighted to find it stays put even if you sleep on it, gives great length and volume (not so much curl) and doesn't clump!

*Gives her some of her mascaras* =[

I also got a free Estéee Lauder doublewear mascara/concealer duo which I haven't tried yet.

judy said...

I noticed that this mascara doesn't smudge after a long day. I thought it worked pretty good even if I didn't curl my eyelashes.