Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Clairol Color Boosting Glaze--A Review

If you read nothing else, I leave you with these words: don’t bother. I saw this at Big Lots and thought I’d give it a go, hoping it will help blend what’s left of my highlights with my natural hair, virgin hair color.

I purchased Light to Medium Brown, the color is recommended for those whose color is an ashen or neutral tone. I thought it may help to cancel out some of the warmth my hair has gotten from the California sun this summer. The results were absolutely non-existent, for better or worse. No shine, no color, no nothing. This product contains neither ammonia nor peroxide so perhaps only previously color-treated or porous hair will be able to absorb the pigment.

Generally speaking, there must be some chemical to “open up” the hair cuticle in order to allow pigment to be deposited. Nevertheless, I have experienced a significant deposit using vegetable dyes--Manic Panic and the like--which also act as stains on top of the hair shaft. Did you get better results? Tell me all about it!

Image Credit: Clairol.com

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