Thursday, October 9, 2008

To Your Season Be True

Rumor Willis is a lady I can definitely relate to, especially since she's had just about as many hair disasters as yours truly. Remember that atrocious, bleached-out, nearly shaved pixie? Just when I thought she'd finally gotten it right with her glossy, black bob, she throws me for a loop with this new color.

Don't get me wrong--auburn hair can be stunning on the right person. What's the problem here? The fact that warm shades are completely wrong for Ms. Willis' cool-toned skin. She is what is labeled as "Winter" due to the pink undertones in her pale skin and sharp contrast between her skin tone and (natural) hair color. Winters are the Snow Whites among us.

Notice that no amount of bronzer or fake n' bake can make this color look flattering? In her attempt to copy Ashlee Simpson, she veered into Oompa Loompa terrain. Staying within a color palette that is flattering to one's natural coloring is a valuable lesson that will spare the majority of us from looking like Morticia Adams or Bozo The Clown. As for Ms. Willis, a true red with blue undertones or even a burgundy would be far more flattering. I guess even celebrity hair pros can lead their clientèle astray.

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Anastasia said...

From now on, I'm going to consult you on all my style choices. I have no idea about clothes, too... come style me please ;-;

Randomly, I found an e-mail you sent me in my MSN e-mail address (that I only use for MSN, not checking the e-mail of) yesterday that you sent ages ago! I'll have to get AIM so we can chat :3

A Gal On A Budget said...

Anastasia--Your style is perfect as is. I can't mess with perfection!

Anastasia said...

I gotta admit, my hair is freakin' awesome.