Tuesday, February 3, 2009

All About Brows

Before I say anything further, I have a confession to make: my eyebrows aren’t twins. In fact, even calling them cousins would be a stretch. Each could happily reside on another person’s face without so much as missing her counterpart. The quest for perfectly matching brows has driven me to the very edge of sanity; in high school, I allowed a friend to pluck me into a very surprised, Ronald McDonald wannabe which brought my mother to tears. Nevertheless, I persisted in my quest only to conclude that only brow powder or pencil can make my brows look similar. If you suffer a similar affliction, I urge to put down the tweezers and pick up some brow gel. You may find solace in the fact that even celebrity eyebrows aren’t identical.

The next controversy is the debate of thinner brows versus the fuller, more voluptuous option. We are so shocked to see anything thicker deemed trendy that we automatically jump on the bandwagon whether it flatters our facial features or not. Again, I will be the first to admit my own wrong doing. I am obsessed with Brooke Shield’s full, perfectly groomed, straight eyebrows and have tried to replicate the look on myself. Unfortunately, not own do my brows grow with a natural arch but they aren’t nearly as thick. Most of my attempts at channeling Brooke have resembled Graucho instead.

What’s my point? You can’t fight your natural features. If you are blessed with naturally full brows, please, keep them a (groomed) version of full. However, if you have a petite face and naturally thinner brows, Mother Nature might be trying to tell you something. I find that the best eyebrow is a refined, enhanced version of the one we have naturally.

In celebration of all things eyebrow, I plan to discuss tips, tricks and products to improve the brows you have and fix some of the mistakes that may be keeping you from full eyebrow satisfaction.


Greengirl said...

I think you may be my brow twin!
I am another victim of high school plucking - I look at pictures of my pre-pluck days and want to cry.

Trust me girls - they don't always grow back.
Can't wait to read your reports.

A Gal On A Budget said...

Greengirl--If you're having problems getting your brows to grow back, I think you may like what I have to say three posts from now. I've got a little trick up my sleeve that I originally heard on the Tyra show. I can almost guarantee improved eyebrows in less than a month ;).