Monday, March 30, 2009

In Case of Emergency, Bring on the Rogaine

If you’ve exhausted all your other options and still find gaps or “holes” in your eyebrows, Rogaine may be your solution. Please note that the active ingredients in this product, along with potential danger in application (i.e. blindness if you aren’t careful), make Rogaine less than an ideal choice if your goal is rapid results. I trust you to do your own research and weight the benefits and risks prior to purchase. Nevertheless, the results are pretty much a guarantee. I’ve used Rogaine to encourage growth in an area of my eyebrow that never grew brow hair as a result of many years of tweezing and was able to grow a fuller brow in approximately two weeks. If you bleach or dye your eyebrows at home, the application should be easy. Otherwise, here are a few helpful tips:

1. Apply to a clean eyebrow at night as the Rogaine will interfere with any brow products you may choose to use during the day.

2. Pour a small amount of Rogaine into the cap and lightly saturate a cotton swab, spoolie, or a lip brush. I recommend using a disposable applicator or designating one that you will only use for Rogaine application. Be sure to avoid over-saturating so as to reduce the risk of the liquid dripping into your eye.

3. Apply to the desired area a little bit at a time and tilt your head back slightly. You may also want to close the eye below the chosen eyebrow as a precaution.

4. Be sure to apply only where you’d like to grow hair because you will grow hair in any area that the product touches. I accidentally dripped some Rogaine down the side of my cheek and got some “baby hairs” even though I washed and scrubbed after the accident took place.

5. Please don’t use this on your eyelashes!

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